Individual coaching delivers measurable benefits

Individual coaching helps you reach your potential and overcome any barriers that might temporarily be in your way


2 Free 45 minute phone or Skype Goal Setting

You suspect that coaching can help you get to where you want to go. You want to make sure you choose the right coach and the right programme?

Simply think through what you might want to achieve and what you might need to help you achieve it. We’ll then help you clarify your goals without charge. If you want to continue we’ll look through all the options and come up with what is exactly right for you.

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 “Michael is an absolutely joy to work with. I so appreciate and am impressed with his rare mix of creative thinking, practical business wisdom and depth/breadth of expertise in achieving accelerated change with individuals and organizations.

In my experience, Michael is a true collaborator that goes the extra mile to be of service and committed to helping others succeed.

I highly recommend Michael to any business owner or executive seeking to go to the next level in his/her success and performance … hands down”

– Denise Concoran, CEO The Empowerment Business, 

Ad hoc Individual Coaching

Some of clients have found the value in contacting us only when they have a particular issue of opportunity to address.

This might be a key meeting, an important decision or dealing with a challenging personal or business relationship. Having someone  to explore options and strategies will often makes a significant, positive difference to the outcome.

Others like to coach themselves using as part of our Entrepreneur MasterMind Community, using fellow members for ideas and support.

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 “Michael is a creative thinker who is dedicated to providing the best training and coaching services possible to business people and others who want to achieve greater personal and business success”

– Patti Bond, Owner Bond Marketing Communications, 

Coaching Programmes

We run a number of coaching programmes which bring significant benefits for the right individuals.

We run 6 month 1:1 accredited NLP Practitioner and Master practitioner programmes for those that want to improve how they connect with themselves and communicate and influence others.

For our more senior clients we run 6 or 12 month Stakeholder team and leadership programmes. These can be run on a “No Gain, No Fee” basis where we are only paid if your stakeholders confirm by confidential survey that you’ve improved in the agreed development areas.

Book a free Coaching Session to find out more.

 “Michael has developed a unique and very positive reputation for Business NLP training for Business and Professional people in a 1:1 or small group format.

Michael’s approach is respectful and insightful. He delivers. Period.

If this is what interests you contact Michael. “

– John La Valle, Owner, The La Valle® Group, 


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Coaching Thoughts

If you are interested in coaching and consultancy ideas, you can register for our weekly Coaching Thoughts update. A Coaching Thought is an idea useful to coaching clients (and many other people). They are short extracts from leading books relevant to coaching. Register for our weekly Coaching Thoughts, or view the latest ones on our Coaching Thoughts Blog.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching